Rain, mud and more rain…….

Potfest turned out to be a great place to meet fellow potters, exchange details (and pots!) and generally wallow in mud on the make shift campsite! How come it was a beautiful day driving up the M6 and then the minute the tent popped up…..it started to rain? Travelled home in torrents of the stuff and then woke up the day after to beautiful sunshine again! Grrrrrrrr

Anyway….I feel energised now and ready to start work again, but will have to do a bit of tidying first because I can’t see the work bench!

By the way…..have a look at Pratima Kramer’s work. Gorgeous! http://www.pratimakramer.co.uk
A few of us are now selling through the ‘Little Bird Gallery’ in Askham (including Pratima) so maybe if you’re in the North Lakes area you could take a look….. http://www.stuartbroadhurstceramics.co.uk


  1. Mark says:

    Looking forward to your exploites Claire..

  2. debbiesshed says:

    Oooh, wish I could have come to see you at Potfest Claire but was off in Sunny Spain!
    Well done and see you soon, Debbie x

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