‘Lights, Lanterns and Candelabras’

Went to visit my friend Debbie this week…..infamous for her ‘shed’! …….(look at her blog, debbiesshed.com)

After a trip (brisk walk) to the Leeds Holiday Centre, (which is in Silverdale for those who don’t know…..nowhere near Leeds)… for a perusal around the thrift shop and a cup of coffee, tea cakes and bag of home grown tomatoes for pudding… we were dragged by the dog back to her house for serious discussions about next years Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail and the possibility of my new Gallery becoming a new venue for the event! Quite a bit of work to do to the building before then and it will be a challenge to have it ready in time, but who doesn’t enjoy a challenge!

I happened to mention I had got my competition piece for Potfest boxed up in the car on its way to the gallery and having missed the event, Debbie insisted on having a look! So apologies to anyone on the Shore Road in Silverdale trying to get to the beach on Friday…but Debbie needed the entire road to unpack my piece and place it on tarmac to really get a good view! Thankfully we didn’t cause too many problems and the piece survived the ‘viewing’… even in the middle of the road!!

For anybody else who missed it I’ve taken some photographs…

The competition was entitled ‘Lights, Lanterns and Candelabras’….so I’ve entitled this piece ‘Moonlit Landscape’

All the entries can be found at ‘Lights, Lanterns and Candelabras’

Moonlit Landscape Moonlit Landscape Moonlit Landscape 1

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