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Monthly Archives: May 2015

…….was mostly about making clay/wire flowers for the Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail….BUT…..I was so delighted when I reached into the kiln and pulled out this little beauty,  I decided to spend some time twisting wire instead! The bowl measures about 30cms diameter around the rim and has stunning glazes which pool at the bottom looking a bit like glass…..and although I had made it with the intention of using it in… Read More

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a go at traditional wire basket making with some friends. …..Our teacher was Dave Scragg of ‘Lovewire’ based in Norfolk…. who very kindly travelled all the way up to Silverdale to share his skills and help us all produce a unique piece. Check out his website where he’s got some lovely examples of his work and details of courses. I’ve always liked… Read More

When Debbie said…….”would you open up your studio and take part in an article about Silverdale for Lancashire Life Magazine to promote the Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail?”……I hesitatingly agreed! Little did I know they would be more interested in my home!…. Well to my surprise I opened the June issue to discover a full page photo and write up about the quirkiness of my house! …….but luckily they did mention the… Read More