Wired up……….

wired flowers

IMG_2204-1IMG_2191 A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a go at traditional wire basket making with some friends. …..Our teacher was Dave Scragg of ‘Lovewire’ based in Norfolk…. who very kindly travelled all the way up to Silverdale to share his skills and help us all produce a unique piece. Check out his website  http://www.lovewire.co.uk where he’s got some lovely examples of his work and details of courses.

I’ve always liked the idea of combining materials and thought it would be fun to play about with clay and wire. My friends Geli and Noel have a beautiful antique collection of wire/ceramics dishes in their antiques shop, Cottage Antiques, Walsden, Todmorden, http://www.cottage-antiques.com ……so I’ve added my twist to an old idea!

….. here are my first attempts! IMG_2187


  1. debbiesshed says:

    These look fantastic Claire, love ’em!

    1. Dave Scragg says:

      Absolutely brilliant !!!
      Well done Claire !!
      Lovely combination of ceramics and wire!!
      Maybe time for another workshop using Jigs and stuff !!
      D xx

      1. cvorange says:

        Ooh that sounds very tempting Dave! I think I will need you to elaborate! Maybe I’ll get some of us to travel to Norfolk next time??
        Claire x

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