In the micro climate of Warton Crag…….

…….some strange new floral species have sprung up during the last few gorgeous sunny days!


The stems are strong enough to be plant stakes for the less robust of plants… because as you can see, I’ve moved on from wire to metal rod!….

I think they’re a lovely garden, plant pot or window box addition, brightening up any day of the week…. rain or shine… adding a little splash of colour to a somewhat green wilderness!

They make me smile every time I spy one…..


My favourites are the turquoise tulip like ones…..because in my opinion, the world (and my garden) would be a dull place without turquoise! Oh……and red

IMG_2348Very soon I will have to uproot these specimens and transplant them into the garden of Venue 8 for the Silverdale & Arnside Artists Trail. Only 2 weeks to go!

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  1. debbiesshed says:

    Absolutely love them…….what do you feed them on?!

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