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Monthly Archives: August 2015

This weekend has been a trip down memory lane for me and several others who had the privilege of studying at one of the finest art colleges of its time (if not THE finest). Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, Wiltshire, was unique. For many years Bath Academy of Art was a facilitator of experimental creative activity allowing and encouraging it’s students to explore without boundaries. Everything was possible! Unlike many universities of… Read More

Anybody who knows me well will wonder why I’m fiddling about with small lumps of clay these days, which is very unlike me! Well its simple really—I’ve been restricted by the size of my kiln! Very frustrating! As many of you will know, I’ve moved back into my old workshop at home (no rent to pay or petrol!), but unfortunately there’s loads of restoration work to be done before I can install… Read More

Inspired by some beautiful giant allium chistophii seed heads a friend gave me a few years ago and which I used to adorn the studio as Christmas decorations, I decided it was about time I tried to create something which was a bit longer lasting and could maybe make a winter garden look a little more interesting! This is the prototype and is created in porcelain, wire and metal rod. A very… Read More