Heavy metal

Anybody who knows me well will wonder why I’2015-08-11 12.49.41 copym fiddling about with small lumps of clay these days, which is very unlike me! Well its simple really—I’ve been restricted by the size of my kiln! Very frustrating!

As many of you will know, I’ve moved back into my old workshop at home (no rent to pay or petrol!), but unfortunately there’s loads of restoration work to be done before I can install my new gas kiln (which I bought from the lovely Pete Clough in Harrogate).

One of the reasons why I’ve been playing with wire etc. was to keep me out of mischief and I’ve enjoyed the fun, but now I’m getting a bit twitchy as I need to move on!

I did contemplate attending a welding course to allow myself to work on a larger scale!!!—but I think its probably safer to get Neil, my friendly local metal worker to do the tricky bits!

However, before I completely move on (as my workshop still isn’t ready) I’ve found some amazing heavy old copper and iron tools which I can see developing into outlandish garden sculptures, with the intention of combining vintage metal with contemporary clay work. The ideas are still in my head at the moment, so watch this space! Should keep me occupied for a little while longer and maybe they won’t need to be so small!

I’m in a state of recovery after a full on 3 day show in Ribchester and I need a break!—but I just thought I’d show you a couple of pieces I’ve done for the next show ‘Art Trail Autumn’ at Leeds Children’s Holiday Centre, Silverdale Friday 13th – Sunday 22nd November.


I may also have my arm twisted to create some very small examples for a few, dare I say….’Christmas fair’s’ which I’m already being approached about! Oh dear! Sorry! But we work months ahead!

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