A little bit about me…


Welcome to my website which I have developed as a means of communicating my ideas and to provide a context to support my personal practice as an artist.

After graduating from Bath Academy of Art in the late 70’s, I have until recently worked in the North of England as a teacher of ceramics……throughout this time always continuing to create my own work largely driven by the need to satisfy my curiosity in the manufacture of fired clay and raw materials.

Using natural form as inspiration, I enjoy creating ceramic pieces which offer an element of experimentation and unpredictability; the surface often determined by the combination and interaction of materials, and the effects of the firing process—much of the material being gathered locally and incorporated into the clay, creating unique pieces which are sometimes ground and polished or sand-blasted to complete.

I have never concentrated on producing art commercially, but largely as a personal, selfish exploration in the use of materials to create something which is aesthetically pleasing to my eye……


  1. Wyn Abbot says:

    Looking fab Claire! Wyn 🙂 x

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