Look at that amazing view!

A great 10 days were spent at the pop-up gallery at the Leeds Children’s Holiday Centre overlooking the amazing Morecambe Bay in Silverdale! Our efforts were rewarded by this dramatic sunset as we were packing down on the last night – it made my weekend! AND it also gave me an impromptu photo opportunity toContinue reading “Look at that amazing view!”

Bath Spa Alumni reunion

This weekend has been a trip down memory lane for me and several others who had the privilege of studying at one of the finest art colleges of its time (if not THE finest). Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, Wiltshire, was unique. For many years Bath Academy of Art was a facilitator of experimental creativeContinue reading “Bath Spa Alumni reunion”

Heavy metal

Anybody who knows me well will wonder why I’m fiddling about with small lumps of clay these days, which is very unlike me! Well its simple really—I’ve been restricted by the size of my kiln! Very frustrating! As many of you will know, I’ve moved back into my old workshop at home (no rent toContinue reading “Heavy metal”

We got off to a good start!

  The Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail got off to an amazing start yesterday lunchtime despite the weather! We had lots of eager visitors wanting to have first pick of the collection of goodies on offer at venue 8, which included ceramics, knitted textiles, stone carvings and stained glass. It was hilarious that customers purchasingContinue reading “We got off to a good start!”

In the micro climate of Warton Crag…….

…….some strange new floral species have sprung up during the last few gorgeous sunny days! The stems are strong enough to be plant stakes for the less robust of plants… because as you can see, I’ve moved on from wire to metal rod!…. I think they’re a lovely garden, plant pot or window box addition,Continue reading “In the micro climate of Warton Crag…….”

My day today……….

…….was mostly about making clay/wire flowers for the Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail….BUT…..I was so delighted when I reached into the kiln and pulled out this little beauty,  I decided to spend some time twisting wire instead! The bowl measures about 30cms diameter around the rim and has stunning glazes which pool at the bottomContinue reading “My day today……….”

Wired up……….

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a go at traditional wire basket making with some friends. …..Our teacher was Dave Scragg of ‘Lovewire’ based in Norfolk…. who very kindly travelled all the way up to Silverdale to share his skills and help us all produce a unique piece. Check out his websiteContinue reading “Wired up……….”

The workshop is finally cleaned out and ready for action…….

I’ve made leaps and bounds in the old workshop over the last week, (what a mess it was after the move from Greenlands!) Before pic!   ……….and now the lovely weather is getting the creative juices flowing finally! I’m currently exploring two themes connected by colour and texture and will be showing this work atContinue reading “The workshop is finally cleaned out and ready for action…….”