My day today……….

…….was mostly about making clay/wire flowers for the Silverdale & Arnside Art Trail….BUT…..I was so delighted when I reached into the kiln and pulled out this little beauty,  I decided to spend some time twisting wire instead!


The bowl measures about 30cms diameter around the rim and has stunning glazes which pool at the bottom looking a bit like glass…..and although I had made it with the intention of using it in my clay/wire themed project; it really looked lovely just by itself! Anyway, I thought……try it out and see, and if its not right, take the wire off! So its over to you….what do you think?

I’ve got a couple more pieces to wire up (apart from the flowers of course) and then I’ll leave it alone for while…..must get on with some of my other clay work which I’ve been neglecting!!

FullSizeRender IMG_2243


  1. debbiesshed says:

    Well the bowl was extra special before the wire….. but now it is beautifully extraordinary. I say its a keeper.

    1. Aw thanks. I’m glad you’ve said that because it took me hours!! And I really like it! It’s much better in reality!

  2. Dave Scragg says:

    Brilliant Claire !!!
    It’s beautiful!!
    I love the combination of your clay with the wire. I think it needs another medium at times to set the wire off.
    When you have a min, check out my other fish.

    1. Thanks Dave. I’ll check out the fish. Oh goodness! What direction will that take me!! X

  3. Linda Browne says:

    Absolutely love this departure into framing your ceramics in twisted metal. Think you’re onto something Claire. Fab x

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